Loom and Leaf mattress review – the Best First Step to Recovery

Last year my husband fell off a horse during our summer vacations at a friend’s farm. He hurt his back badly and we had to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital where he was operated and put into traction for three months. When it was time to take him home I was worried because he had to stay in bed for a while longer and our bed and mattress were old and had already lost resistance and firmness. The doctor said that my husband needed a comfortable mattress but it also had to be firm and if possible we had to get two smaller beds into our bedroom so I would not bother him when I moved at night.

How I found Loom and Leaf

I have slept besides my husband for twenty years and sleeping in separate beds in the same room was strange and weird to me so I decided to go out mattress hunting. I visited several shops but did not like what I saw, some were either, too soft and saggy and the others were too hard and I was afraid he could get hurt. I did not want to sleep on top of that rock either. So I continued my search until I found a store that sold Loom and Leaf mattresses. They had different sizes but they were all the same. No model this or model that, one mattress only but in different sizes. That intrigued me because usually the make you sit on different ones so you can test their softness.

Loom and Leaf Mattress materials

The salesman said that they were all the same because Loom and Leaf had experimented a long time until they had finally made the perfect mattress for anyone and this was it. He explained that they were made completely out of foam, no springs no nothing just foam and that there were three levels of foam which made the difference between their mattresses and any others. The bottom layer was to support the top two, the middle one was the memory foam which kept your shape and most comfortable position until the next time you went to bed. The top layer was designed to keep you cool and comfortable but it also allowed one person to move around without waking the other because of the special type of foam it was made off.

The Price of the mattress

The mattress can be purchased from www.loomandleaf.com.  Before you purchase it though, you should try to use a Loom and Leaf Coupon code.  Try a google search for the latest Loom and Leaf coupon.

That definitely closed the deal and I went ahead and bought it. Hey delivered the mattress the next morning, free of charge and told me that it had a one hundred day guarantee and I could return it at any time between now and then and I would get my money back, no questions asked. That day I brought my husband home from the hospital and put him in bed. He said the bed was firm and yet very comfortable and he liked very much the soft cushiony quality it had. When I went to bed I was a little worried that my moving around would hurt or wake him, there was no need for worries, he slept like a baby and so did I, right beside him.  You should try to find a great pillow to go with it, try – http://www.forbes.com/sites/houzz/2013/07/17/how-to-choose-the-perfect-bed-pillow.


Coupon codes savings for 2016

Most of us can be fairly loose with our money at time and at other times we can be a tight fisted.  If you’re really lucky you have lots of excess money to call upon.  For the rest of us we have to save cash wherever we can.  This year I’ve saved a fortune using coupon codes from everything from keeping my hair beautiful with Hairfinity to keeping my body clean with Bath and body works.


Coupon savings this year

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That’s over $200 of savings which I put towards our next holiday!  That’s right, through saving money with coupon codes we will get another day of holidaying, pretty much for free.  That magic word, free!

If you find any other great coupon codes let me know.






The Timbuk2 Command is an awesome backpack

When it comes to having a really good messenger bag, many will turn to the Timbuk2. The reason why is that it has a lot of features and works well for on or off a bike. The only issue with it is that it has limited protection for your laptop. But, you can fix this with a cheap laptop cover. It is one of the things that I did and I love this bag. It is waterproof, stylish, and works well when you are riding a bike. I use a bike to commute to class daily and this bag is a god send. It is really versatile.

The Review

It comes with a bike light attachment, hidden flap buckles and even reflective material as well as a padded shoulder strap. I love the shoulder strap because it is so comfortable. Believe me, I pack a lot into my bag and that includes my laptop. And it is more comfortable than the bag that I used before, which didn’t have a lot of padding at all.  The North Face is another really popular bag manufacturer.

Comfort and ease

The one thing that I had to overcome with the Timbuk2 is the fact that there is no padding against the back of the bag. This could make it a bit uncomfortable if you are constantly on your bike like I am. I just added a small piece of foam to the inside of the bag and now it works perfectly. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, which sometimes I like to have options on how high or low I carry my bag.

When it comes to storage, the Timbuk2 is going to be lacking. There aren’t any sleeves or external pockets. Everything is going to be under the flap except the small hidden pocket that you can get to when your flap is latched and on your back. You can store your keys, cellphone, sunglasses and even headphones here. This is pretty accessible when are on the go. Right next to this pocket is going to be a zipped pocket that has a key lanyard. It is large enough to hold your wallet, or keys. Behind this zipped pocket is an open pocket that is just as large. All the storage is distributed evenly to make the bag well balanced.


Then you have your main compartment which has writing utensil sleeves and there are also vertical pockets that are big enough to hold your new Android S7 Edge. There are also water bottle sleeves on each side. Then your flap strap is going to wrap under the bag to clip, which is where I tend to store my jacket. It also helps it to be compressed to a super small size.

This messenger bag is super durable and is made from heavy duty fabrics. I have been using this bag for what seems like forever and I use it on a daily basis to carry everything I need to class with me and so far I haven’t had any wear to it.

The strap system is easy to adjust and you can do so quickly, even when you are wearing it. This makes it easy to slip the bag off, if you have say 3 textbooks, a laptop, several writing pads, and who knows what else in there.


Let’s just break it down. This bag can do it all and it is my favorite messenger bag. It works for when I am headed to class and walking around campus to when I am just heading to the super market for a few items. It is not only stylish but completely versatile that will keep your items dry. I would not have this bag any other way, except for maybe a few more pockets.  You can buy it here.  For another opinion try this timbuk2 command backpack review.




Recommended Estrogen Blockers

Having a hormone imbalance can cause a man a lot of issues especially in men who are in their late 30s and 40s. Whenever testosterone decreases too much or too quickly it could cause hypoganadism. This causes the body to stop producing important hormones which can cause the loss of libido, decreased sperm production, fatigue and even erectile dysfunction.

What are estrogen Blockers

Basically, there are chemical compounds which control the levels of estrogen in the body.  You will find estrogen in men, even though people see it as a women’s hormone which ensures that the male body is functioning properly. There are three types of estrogen: estradiol, estriol, and estrone.

Estradiol is the main type of estrogen that is active in the male body. It helps to keep your joints and brain healthy but it also helps to develop your sperm properly.

Having a hormone imbalance such as an increase in estrogen and a severe decrease in testosterone can cause a real problem. Having too much estrogen in the male body which can cause issues like: cardiovascular issues, gynecomastia (male breasts), weight gain, prostate problems, and increased risks of strokes.  Check out this article for more information

Natural estrogen blockers

There are natural estrogen blockers that have been proven to block estrogen.

Chrysin is a flavonoid that is found in honey, passion flower, and bee propolis. It has been argued that it blocks estrogen and then increases testosterone.

Wild nettle root also called nettle leaves or nettle root which is used in prostate medications. It has compounds that will act as an estrogen blockers. Taking nettle root supplements can hlp to regulate the production of testosterone.

Grape seed extract is an aromatase inhibitor or estrogen blocker for those who are post-menopausal with a risk of breast cancer. Men will experience similar benefits when they take it as a supplement to help block estrogen production.

Maca happens to be a plant that comes from Peru. Many state that is has a lot of benefits which include enhancing fertility and blocking estrogen production. Although it does contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins, it still hasn’t been proven that it regulates hormones.

There are plenty of ways that you can restore the balance in estrogen levels. If you excess estrogen is caused by low testosterone, you could benefit from taking an estrogen blocker to help increase the production of testosterone.

You can also help to decrease your estrogen levels by avoiding environmental estrogens like parabens, losing weight, reducing alcohol consumption, and eating vegetables like broccoli.

It is quite impossible to avoid all environmental estrogens but you can avoid meat products from animals that have been raised with synthetic hormones is the best place to start. Watch out for food wraps or containers that can leak estrogen into food. Toiletries and shampoos that have parabens will also have estrogens. So try to avoid these products when you can.

Dropping weight can really help this as well. Eating healthy, working out, and keeping active can boost your testosterone production and really kick your man hormones into overdrive. These are the best natural estrogen blockers out there.